Available on papers and paperboards from 70# up to .048" thick. Sheets up to 56" X 96" and rolls up to 56" wide

Brushed Polyester - Silver

Bright Premium Polyester – Silver

Bright Standard Polyester – Silver

Bright Premium Polyester – Blue

Bright Premium Polyester – Gold

Bright Premium Polyester – Green

Bright Premium Polyester – Red

Bright Standard Polyester – Copper

Bright Standard Polyester – Gold

Brushed Polyester – Gold

Metallized Polyester is available in standard, premium, and brushed finishes.

  • Standard Metallized Polyester is 1/2 mil thick and has a 2% haze level. Offering a semi-mirror finish, it is brighter than aluminum foil and it is our Most Popular Lamination. It offers a greater reflectivity than aluminum foil, is more our most cost effective laminate.
  • Premium Metallized Polyester is 1 mil thick and has a .7% haze level, offering a much smoother and crisper mirror finish. Often referred to as Mirror Board, it is our most reflective and mirror-like laminate.
  • Brushed Polyester is 1 mil thick and has a rich finish that resembles stainless steel.

Metallized polyester can be scored and folded on substrates thicker than .024″ thick and is recommended when mounting our sheets to corrugated substrates.