Foils & Metallized Films

Midwest Laminating offers aluminum foil, standard polyester and premium polyester for packaging displays and many other decorative uses. The three primary finishes are discernable as follows:
Premium Polyester – which offers the most mirror like, with the ability to see your reflection clearly within the laminate
Standard Polyester - which offers the ability to see a reflection, not as clear as the premium with a softer reflection at an economical price.
Foil - this would be equivalent to looking in a sheet of standard kitchen aluminum foil. Available in bright and dull finishes. Our standard thickness is .000275″, but thicker gauges are available upon request.

PMS Color Matching, and Topcoating for printing, stamping & gluing available.

Offered in single or double sided lamination.
If you are unsure of the finish you are requesting, please request samples.

Available on paper and boards 60# to .048, Sheets up to 48″ X 89″, Rolls up to 48″ wide