Converter of Foils and Films on Papers and Paperboards

Make your products sparkle and shine with our vast array of foils and metallized films laminated to papers and paperboards.

From our heavyweight Solid Bleach Sulfite (SBS) , Clay Natural Kraft (CNK), Clay Recycled Board (CRB) laminations, to our Stop-Lite® brand opaque sign stock, we can produce many items that are beyond the range of paper and paperboard mills.

Are you dreaming of a paperboard combination that doesn’t exist yet? Let our experienced staff work with you to create a one of a kind combination of paper and paperboards.

Eye-Catching Laminates To Maximize Shelf Appeal

Laminated Foil & Metallized Films

Midwest Laminating offers foils and metallized films on papers and paperboards for packaging, displays, and many other decorative uses…

Laminated Holographic Films

Midwest Laminating offers numerous holographic & patterned film on papers and paperboards for packaging, displays, and many other decorative uses…

Heavy Weight Laminates

Heavy Weight Laminates

Midwest Laminating offers Coated two side (C2S) Solid Bleached Sulphate (S.B.S.) paper board.


This is specially formulated opaque paper that “stops” light from penetrating through the paper. The paper is used mostly for window…

Stop-Lite® Opaque Sign/Playing Card Stock
custom laminated paper

Custom Creations

If you have rolls of papers or boards that you need married together, let us provide you with custom laminating solutions.

What's New

Our newest patterned film, FROST, offers a rich, subdued, and shimmering glitter effect. Being one of the cleanest patterned films, it works well with most artwork, including opaque and transparent inks. It appears to have a multi-dimensional texture, however, it is as smooth as regular paperboard and prints, die cuts, folds, and glues without the many issues that printers face when using true glitter. Available in sheets and rolls from 70# litho up to 48 pt board. Contact us for samples.


A Rich History of Laminated &
Custom-Made Products

Midwest Laminating & Coatings, Inc. is the leading converter of foils, films, papers, and paperboards. Founded in 1985, Midwest Laminating has a rich history in high quality products. As descendant of the Lion Match Corporation, our roots for custom made products stem back to the turn of the 20th century. Offering value added paper based specialty laminations that are produced to the highest quality standards, we can help your brand get noticed, but our commitment to exceptional customer service has truly set us apart from our competitors. We’re proud of our quick, professional service, our industry leading expertise, our high quality products, and our superior record for on-time deliveries. Our motto, “Whatever it Takes” is practiced daily by our whole team. Strategically positioned in the heart of the Midwest, we are within days of delivery to all of our North American customers.

Let Us Help You Imagine Visual Solutions to Your Packaging Challenges. Dive Into the Art and Beauty of Decorative Paper and Paperboard Laminations!